African Striped Grass Mouse

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Also known as Zebra mice, they can be found in North Africa. These small creatures have light brown, brindle or striped coats with a black stripe from the head to the tail tip. Creamy circles surround their black eyes. Life span is about 3 years.

A large glass aquarium with a secure mesh top is a good home for these mice who get along well together. Aspen, pine or corncob are good beddings. A mineral block should be provided. Solid wheels, cardboard tubes, untreated pieces of wood will provide exercise. Be aware that they are sensitive to cool temperatures. Cages should not placed in direct sunlight or drafty areas.

Zebra mice are not easy to handle for an owner new to rodents as they startle easily and are very quick. You can watch them at their entertaining antics. They are very fast, high jumpers and love climbing. They can be active day or night.

Your pet food supplier should have a rodent mix. You can occasionally add a bit of apple, sweet potato, broccoli, peas or carrot. Attach a water bottle to the cage and provide fresh water daily.

They also need proteins, given in the form of live or frozen meal worms. Give 1-2 per mouse per day. A good insectivore mix such as bogena universal can also be a good addition.