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Delivery & Returns

Rates for Pets
 Flat rate pets shipping and delivery are made across UAE only. We only take COD charges. 
Our care is taken in the whole process of packaging, shipping, and delivering the pets. 
Boxes are amply sized and your items are well-protected.

Our pets can only be delivered through the Car.  This is the only legal way to deliver them.  Please do not ask us to send them any other way because we won’t do it!  We ship through Our driver.  Our pets are delivered in a good environment and will arrive the same day after picking up the pet for delivery.  We deliver to your door.  Please remember if our driver arrived at your door and after that, you cancel by COD, we will charge you only for the delivery charge.

You will receive a complimentary bag of the food and/or milk that we are currently feeding your pet with your pets.
We are also licensed by Dubai Economic Department and can trade in pets to most cities in the UAE.  Please ask us for more information about the delivery of our pets.
We ship mainly every Thursday but will, occasionally, ship Friday or Saturday.  We will contact you to make arrangements for the delivery information and arrival time for your new pet.

We guarantee that our pets will arrive safe and healthy.

Ground shipping can vary depending on the size & weight of your order. We will notify you if there are any changes to your delivery charges.

Delivery on oversized or overweight items such as big boxes or other large items require additional shipping charges. You will be notified of the additional charges before your order is processed.